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Have we come to the place where one can achieve hero status by simply admitting that one has a weak character, (a la Bill Clinton)? Why work at overcoming one's weaknesses if simply confessing to having them is regarded as strong enough to impress people?
I don't know.  Isn't admitting that you have flaws the first step towards correcting them?  Maybe some aren't even fixable.  I look at the arrogance of G.W. and I do feel that it is worse.  He laughs at people who oppose him because they simply don't matter to him.  He has the ultimate power and he doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks.  I guess it's the smirk that drives me the most crazy.  Yes, I'd rather have someone admit their faults, even if they never intend to fix them) than arrogantly carry on like their faults don't have consequences for themselves or anyone else.


ahhh ... the infamous swagger. Yeah. I see where you are coming from. On one level I can totally agree with you. I honestly so much prefer any Presidential candidate who can talk without a cue card. I so much agree, that I am tempted to make a list of all my faults right here. But I think I would have to start another blog.

I should say that I only used Bill as an illustration because he was the first that came to mind. There are many a conservative screw ups who could fit the bill. Maybe even me. Grin. I watched this movie the other night (CLOSER with Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, and Jude Law. And THAT movie was sort of on my mind when I wrote this. the movie is about these four people who ALL lie to each other, deceive each other, cheat on each other, and do thair absolute best to substitute apologies after for integrity before and I think that was the bee that was sort of under my bonnet.

Billy Joel says that honesty is such a lonely word. Apologies ... that word is always in a crowd it seems.

Hey, I am so glad you are here to keep my blog honest and centered. I would hate to think I was leaning too far to the right. Grin.



which is better, anonymity, or infamy? Beowolf seems to be a sort of cultural immortal- lots of people know the basic story who never read the original. but he has that immortality as a dumb muscle. (okay, perhaps dumb was undeserved.) a lot of these cultural immortals, people remmember their mistakes. Bill will live on forever in comedian routines as the butt of jokes. is that kind of everlasting slander better than "when your children are dead, and their children after them, your name [being] forgotten."?


"Bill will live on forever in comedian routines as the butt of jokes. is
that kind of everlasting slander better than "when your children are
dead, and their children after them, your name [being] forgotten."?"

I fully expect you to write an epic about my life Skyler that children for eons will have to read in literature classes. I am banking any hope I have for immortality on that slender thread. Grin.


a fictional biography, a la Calvin & Hobbes? or more of a collection of sacratic dialogues, like My Ishmeal? or a book of quotes, like what happened to Confusus?

personaly, I'd like to be remembered the way that Tolkan and Douglas Adams are, for something I wrote, not about me, but that reflects me more than a bibliography would. Dickens sense of the world is renewed every time someone opens one of his books. Beowolf got the epic named after him, but the bard who wrote it may have gotten the real imortality, even if no one remembers who he was.

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