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just thinking...what you're calling "chance" or "coincidence", I'd call "relationships."   I really believe "what is my calling/destiny?" isn't nearly as interesting or useful a question as "WHO are my calling?"  Glad that your encounters have been (and doubtless will be) the springboard to an interesting, diverse, and well lived life.  :-)


Christmas 1986 I was in a church play at Byron Center Bible Church. Dan Pfeiffer and his wife Eunice attended that play. It was a moving true story which left half the crowd in tears and the other half in denial. Shortly after that play Mr. Pfeiffer asked me to come work for him and manage a department. The thought was if I could act like that I could sell myself and products to others. If only Steven Spielberg had been there instead.....sigh.

When I was about 17 Phil Regan, former pro baseball player and then current coach of a local college, was at my folks house for a Sunday dinner. We played flag football in the back yard that afternoon. Phil was so impressed with my athletic ability that he asked me to play baseball for him at Grand Valley University. I told him I had no interest in going to college. My career flipping burgers at Mickey D's was booming at the time.....sigh...What was I thinking??Instead of seeing me in the Hall of Fame you must go here to see me www.pfeiffer84th.net  sigh.......

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