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That's unconcern, not concern


Mmm ... I am not sure what you are saying Mia? My point was that the creators of this documentary have set out to give us access to the various perspectives within Israeli society (not all but many). They have not thereby declared all other points of view not worth knowing about. My point simply was intended to counter those who would argue that unless a documentary includes 30 different perspectives (instead of just 15) it is not worth seeing.

I have seen a number of documentaries about Gaza. This is just one of several I might recommend. A few days ago, I reveiwed the book, WALLED by Silvain Cypel who takes a very pro-Palestinian line on all the settlements and I would recommend that people read that as well. I just think that this conflict is complex enough that it deserves many different angles and sometimes, it is best to narrow the scope of an investigation to a select spectrum of them, allowing others to provide coverage of other aspects.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for commenting by the way.

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