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We make a mistake to limit learning into a single category.  I agree with the authors of this book I have never read (grin) that there is likely a cannon of rote knowledge, skills, and ways of analyzing that everbody should posess as tools to help them function in society.  But those things are different from THINKING...which aught not be systematically taught for finite ends.  Sure, we can teach strategies for observing, analyzing, codifying, etc...but we should hold off on teaching people what to think, and be careful with how we teach people how to think, since this can influence ultimately the "what." 

But I ramble.  Right now, I'm trying to learn how people think and come to the conclusions they do.  My a priori assumption is that people make choices that make sense to them at the time.  So I'm fascinated in my work to find out "how did you get there so that these ideas and choices make sense to you?" Not to judge, but to understand.  Somewhere in there is a partial key to things like addiction, abuse, etc.  Maybe. 

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