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I'm too pacifist to like the whole "war" thing.  (good thing my army major husband understands me...grin) but I do think it's a part of human nature to need to fight for or against things in order to feel meaningful (or as you say, "alive.")  Strive, grow, create, destroy, we seem to need it all.  But that's different from being an adrenaline junkie (says the ex ER nurse).  When it's not the fight, but the rush that makes us feel alive, that's a problem.  It'll destroy you, your marriage, your life if you let it.


For what ever reason, I seem to get adrenaline rushes from connecting ideas in interesting ways. I tried paintball a week or two ago and that was quite enough war for me for now. ;-)



Paintball...how very Jackson Pollack of you.  :-)  The world would be a poorer place if you weren't around re-arranging ideologies and jamming to the great "what if's" of life.  Blast on! 


I wish, in paintball and life, that I had one of those bomb suits like the guy in the HURT LOCKER had. ;-)

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