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Skyler Crossman

Have you read Snow Crash? The genre in general I know wouldn't appeal to you, but one of the central concepts under discussion I find very interesting. It spends a lot of time watching the natural conclusion of "Power attempts to get more power."

You can divide all human organizations into two camps- those who put the preservation of themselves as an organization as a goal of the organization, and those who don't. The problem is, obviously, that eventually an organization has to make a choice between what is good for its survival vs what is good for its other stated goals. Organizations that actively strive towards their own survival tend to last much longer- at the risk of putting their stated goals second.

Unions were created with a need- to get fair treatment for workers. The longer the union lasts however, the easier and easier it is to make "Keep the union afloat" as a goal of the union. That's what we see a lot of in this movie- a system that is choosing its own survival over its stated goals.

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