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Philip Crossman

In my high school English class, I have been reading OLD MAN and the SEA by Earnest Hemingway.

I have been focusing on all the internal obstacles that Santiago the fisherman has to overcome to catch his big fish. The first one is the fact that the people in the village have essentially let him know that they will take care of him. He hasn't caught anything for 84 days and people have started to give him free food and beer.


He declines to accept "retirement" and goes out "deeper than he has ever been.


I suspect that anyone who is offered a free ride will have difficulty declining it. we are wired for efficiency I guess.


So there are conflicting messages to deal with. You are inferior and will need help. Here is help. Don't take the help.


I guess I will only say what I have always said. People do not make decisions as groups. They make them as individuals. And people act in ways that make sense to them.


I have received three weeks of unemployment benefits in my life ... But I could easily find myself not hired back at my present job next year.


It is hard work and I can feel myself almost starting to want to sabatoge myself.


Doing it right now actually.


I need to get some homework done. Grin. Sorry about the game today. Sure you don't want to move to New England? Anyway, we will try to down those Packers for you next week.



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