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Skyler Crossman

Companies have no clear incentive to pay for it, and as you point out taxing them is already somewhat harder than we would like. If GM was told it had to give the workers it was laying off a bachelors degree, do you think they would do that properly or find some loophole like they do with out of country tax loopholes?

I think your first question about reinvention is the wrong one. Perhaps people "should" acquire new skills to fit the changing world, but my worry is whether they "can" acquire those skills. Self-driving cars and automatic fast food joints aren't too far off in the future. It's a worry that's cropped up since the start of the industrial revolution, that there will be no more work after the machines take it, and up until now it seems like the workers have been able to migrate to something new. Maybe I'm wrong and that will happen again. . . but I don't think it will happen forever.

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