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Skyler Crossman

Clarification: Neuromancer is one of two books that I would point to as the definitive cyberpunk novels. The other, Snow Crash, could be described as a negative Dystopia (in contrast to Brave New World's negative Utopia) as it portrays a world we would find disturbing (all prisons are private prisons and it's normal to bribe the private police corporations to bring you to a better quality of prison, people live in U-store-it boxes, there are "sacrifice zones" with so much ecological damage that they have been utterly abandoned) but whose characters are generally happy with the circumstances.

Other stories on the subject you should read- Philip Farmer's Riders of the Purple Wage, Ted Chiang's The Lifecycle of Software Objects, Cory Doctorow's Walkaway.

In my own writing, I find it useful to think of utopias that I personally couldn't stand to live in. Automation already seems to threaten to abrogate most employment. A world where food, shelter, medicine, and most technology was freely available to all due to absurd abundance, but there was nothing useful or productive for the overwhelming majority of humanity to do would objectively be a utopia but I would have a hard time living there.

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